ByronTech Wireless Hotspots

ByronTech are the specialists in Wireless Hotspots solutions for the Hotel, and Commercial sectors through out Australia.

Whether you are a three story walk up resort, a 72 story Strata Managed Tower, or you are a single cafe. We have designed, built, and retrofitted for all locations and requirements. We specialize in offering no-cost solutions that integrate with PoS (point of sale) and PMS (property management systems). But above all follow the Keep It Simple Silly approach, backed by good old fashion support.

Get in touch with us today for your wireless hotspot needs! Just email us at and we will get you up and running.

Free internet for customers

Via an online Captive Portal you can provide your customers with an active password. This will allow your customer a certain period of access to your Internet service, once this time is used the user will not be able to use the service again for a defined period of time.

Fast setup

We can reuse your current internet connection for this service. That means we can install onsite in under 30mins in most cases. If further cabling or access points are required we can arrange for a data cable installer.

Use current internet or
get a second service

Reuse your current internet service to save on running costs. The system will still be kept completely separate from your office network.

Completely secure from your office network

Our devices run internal layer 7 firewalls, that lockout the customer internet service from your other networks. We maintain a firewall expert to ensure our systems are never compromised by hackers.

Fully customisable logon html site (advertise)

We can create a basic Captive Portal page for you, that will display your Logo as well as terms and conditions. We can also arrange for a web developer to design a unique site, that you may wish to advertise on.

Adjustable time usage such as 30 minutes free

With free internet there has to be limits otherwise it will be abused. We can implement many features to stop this abuse, such as time limits for free access. The customer will be disconnected after a predefined period and unable to reconnect for another predefined period.

Web filter stops adult material, excessive downloading, and hacking sites

There are alot of nasty sites on the web, which we filter by default: adult, hate, torrent, and hacking websites. This is to ensure your customers do not violate the rights of others and degrade your service.

Remote support included

We will always be monitoring your system, and in most cases contact you before any major issue occur. However you will always be able to contact one of our engineers during business hours for any issues.

Integration with current POS available

We can integrate our system with your company pos systems, such features as the receipt number would be the customers password to access the internet. This will be at extra cost due to the level of integration work required.

Large office / hotel / resort / sporting venue and park systems available

Small to Big to Large, we have installed our systems into most locations and can cater a solution to meet all needs.